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With so many vendors of HID lighting on the market, shoppers need to be more careful with which kit they purchase. With so many available, one will always wonder - "How does brand "XYZ" compare with other kits on the market?"

This question gets asked all the time so we decided to share the results from our testing on HID conversion kits from various manufacturers.

The main thing you should keep in mind is finding a vendor who stands behind their products. DO NOT buy from eBay. You may say "But this eBay seller has a great reputation!". And while you may be right, most eBay retailers have a great reputation because eBay shoppers leave positive feedback once they receive the kit, not several months later after the kit has failed.

Trust us, we get inquiries all the time from people asking if we know the vendor for XYZ kit on eBay because theirs failed and they don't know who to go to for warranty service. Well, we don't know either because often times these eBay sellers simply just push product and don't care about the customer after the sale.


This is a no name generic ballast. It didn't come with a harness and wasn't rubber injected so it didn't meet the waterproof/shockproof standard. Additionally, this ballast had no mounting brackets so it was impossible to secure it once installed.
Verdict: Just another piece of garbage on eBay.

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We don't sell automotive HID Kits but we have researched many on the market. Before you purchase anything online, read our reviews on Xentec HID Kits, the FAKE Bosch HID Kits (which are now marketed as FAKE Philips HID Kits), Klight HID KitsMod Express HID Kits,Volt HID Kits, and the REAL Philips HID Kit (which is no longer produced).

Officially, only ONE ballast made it through the Hammer Test! Check out the video below to see which one!

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